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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Choosing A Web Hosting Company – 6 Things To Consider

6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner, a developer, or you just need that website, you probably know that having an interactive website with great engaging content is crucial. However, do you know how important it is to have a good web host? Most times, this factor will be ignored when it comes to web hosting services. You will be surprised by the difference a good web hosting company could make. Companies that offer web hosting services are so many and they are increasing each day. You may feel a bit overwhelmed when shopping for the best company. This article pinpoints some of the more crucial factors to consider before you make that important decision. We have outlined 6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company.

Learn about the various server types

There are a variety of server types based on the kind of hosting you need. Before going out to look for a web host, you must identify the kind of hosting you require. Is your website a personal blog? Are you anticipating traffic on your website?
If yours is a personal website, you could easily do with shared hosting. This is where websites share one server. While this option is cheap, it may not be the best if you are looking to generate traffic on your site. The performance of your website will depend on how much the other users are loading onto the server. With this option, you risk having a slow website which in turn turns away potential customers.
The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a better option for sites that are looking to grow. Although you will still have to share a server with other customers, VPS allows you more freedom and control over the server. This will require you to have basic knowledge of server management and maintenance.
For high-performance sites, the dedicated server should be your pick. With this, you have the server to yourself. The freedom to choose your security settings and whatever operating system you desire comes at a price. Dedicated hosting plans are the most expensive. You can, however, be sure that you will be getting your moneys worth with this option.


Bandwidth basically translates to the speed at which people can access information from your website. While starting out, you may not require a lot of bandwidths. However, with time, more traffic to your website will require an upgrade. You need to choose a web host that can accommodate this growth. Be sure that your web host will not require additional fees so as to revise your hosting plans.
Be wary of ‘unlimited storage and bandwidth’. Some web hosts use this as an incentive to lure in customers. Often, such web hosts will have a clause in their terms that allows them to shut your site down once you have used a certain amount of bandwidth.

We often just skim through or ignore the terms of service of any company. When you are deciding on your web host, read through the terms thoroughly. Before clicking on the ‘I accept’ button, ensure you have understood all that is in there. The terms of service usually contain the refund policy which is important to know.

Explore the customer support options

Having your website up and running can be, for the most part, confusing, especially during the first few months. A good web host company will have their customer support at top notch. Although most companies will claim to have 24/7 customer care support, some use this just as a marketing strategy. Before settling down for a particular company, test their customer support. Call them up with a question regarding your website. Try and make it look like you know nothing at all. Constantly ask them questions, even if they seem obvious. Ensure you test every feature the company’s support claims to have before fully committing.
Don’t let cost be your only consideration
Newbies in the web hosting business will naturally want to go for the cheapest option available. As much as you may be on a tight budget, you will need a web host that you can rely on. Cheap web hosting plans such as the shared hosting may not always be the best. Get to know what other resources a web host is offering. Getting a company that meets your specific need will go a long way into ensuring you get the most out of your website.


Your websites’ security is very important. It is very easy for hackers to get access to your website and all the information entered there. If you are running a business, your customers need to be sure that their privacy is respected. A good web host will have added features that enhance your site’s security such as strong firewalls and intrusion protection. The company should also have backup features that will make it easy to restore your site in case it is hacked into.

Extra Tip:

Look for a web host with a good reputation. When all is said and done and your potential web host company has checked off all the necessary requirements, you need to be sure that they are what they say. It may not be a necessity but it would be great to go for a company that is reputable and well-known. Ask for testimonials from the company from current customers. You can also do a background check, just to be sure. The technical know-how of how web hosting works puts off so many people who are looking to have their website developed. Although I am not saying you need to delve into the details, it may be great to have some knowledge. Choosing the wrong web hosting company can leave you frustrated or even cause you to lose your money. What’s worse is trusting a certain company only to have your website hacked. Make sure your potential web host company gives you the opportunity to grow your website and is in sync with the current trends.

We hope that you found our article 6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company informative. If you would like any help our guidance in buying web hosting services, please feel free to get in touch via the website.
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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Buying Web Hosting – Things To Consider

Buying web hosting services, needs careful consideration, due to the many factors that determine the type of web hosting service you receive. Shared web hosting is an ideal service for most people, whether you are just launching a new website or are switching from one shared hosting provider to another. If you expect your monthly website traffic to be under around under 20,000, shared webhosting could be your best option.

When it comes to buying web hosting, you need to be checking on the reliability of a shared hosting company. Many of these web hosting companies will promote “unlimited offers” such as unlimited bandwidth, but in reality, should your website exceed a large number of monthly visitors, you may find the speed of your website drops. Also when reviewing the web hosting company, it is important to check on any customer feedback they have displayed. In particular check on any positive comments about their support and customer service.

Tips on buying web hosting

Comparing web hosting companies so as to be able to choose the best deal for you is important. By doing a quick search for web hosting companies at www.AffordableHosts.co.uk will display some of the best web hosting companies available.

A Web Hosts Data Centers

Important points to check are things such as the location of the web hosting companies’ data center’s. Generally speaking, if the data center’s are based in the United Kingdom or Europe, data will be transferred a lot faster.

Where is the Web Hosts Support Team?

Where does the web host have their support team based? Are they in the UK, Europe and what time zone are they working too? Some web hosting companies may offer 24 hour coverage, but others may only operate normal business hours. What happens if you have an issue with your website at night or the early hours? Will you be able to reach the support team of the web hosting company?

The speed of a website

The speed of your website is paramount, nobody likes visiting a website that takes forever to load. Within a few seconds, a prospective visitor may “click off” your website to view a competitor’s, all due to the time it takes for your website to display. As a rule of thumb you should be aiming for a web server to have a response time in the region of 200ms. For those of you that are familiar with search engine optimization and the various ranking factors of websites, page response time can be a contributing factor. Therefore it is essential to choose a webhost that provide fast speeds at all time.

Backing Up Website Data

It is vital that your data is backed up regularly. You should always be thinking about “What if something happened to my website?” How would this impact you and what steps would you need to take to remedy it? Things can go wrong from time to time, but if you have backed up your website (daily…..maybe more frequently for larger sites) it would just be a minor inconvenience, should something go wrong and you have to restore from a backup. As we say, unfortunately things can go wrong with websites, whether this is through malicious actions or accidental deletion of data. This is an important part of buying web hosting and you need to be 100% sure that your web hosting company is offering you a regular backup of your website.

Email Hosting & Mailboxes

When it comes to email hosting, it is worth checking on how many mailboxes you are permitted. Many shared hosting companies will offer “unlimited” mailboxes, where others will place a “cap” or limit. This is usually dependent on which package you take with the web hosting company. Make a note of how many email addresses you will be requiring. Will it just be a single email address for yourself, or will there be a team of you? Will you need “generic” email addresses, along the lines of info@ or sales@ etc.?

Website Scripts & Software Updates

Depending on the software you are using to develop your website, check on whether your web hosting provider is offering support for the main scripts that you may be using. Things such as MySQL, Perl, PHP, .htaccess would be items you should be checking for. Try and also ascertain how frequently the updates are installed and made available to their clients? Many of these scripts will need you to be using the latest version.

Compare Web Hosting Prices

When buying web hosting, the price is of course critical when trying to compare web hosting packages. Whilst there is plenty of choice, as you can see from our guide on web hosting companies, the price point could be a determining factor. You really want to avoid the cheapest of the cheap wherever possible, as potentially this could mean hidden charges being presented as you sign up. Also be mindful that a web hosting company may try and ask you to sign up for a longer period, in return for offering you a very low package. Potentially once you are in “contract” it may be for a longer period and the web hosting company is able to hike its prices after an initial reduced period.

We wish you well with your search for buying web hosting and may we suggest you take a look at our web hosting comparison page, to learn more about the companies available.

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