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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Web hosting companies – Five things to consider when choosing

When selecting web hosting companies for your website and email can be a challenge for many service providers each trying to market their products. The problems client face from making wrong decisions are many and include; paying unknown renewal fees, lack of back up facilities, poor customer care, slow hosting services and security issues.

It is very critical that you select the right service provider and avoid losing your data to hackers. That is why we have taken the liberty to inform you on some factors to consider before you sign up with a web hosting company.

Signing Up and Renewal Fees

When you are looking for a web hosting company, you will be faced with very attractive signing up fees. This will change when you come to renewal of your package; you may find that they have doubled or tripled. It is however not possible to keep jumping from one service provider to the next. When it comes to packages then shared web hosting tends to be the cheapest. But, this comes at the cost of reduced performance and the renewal fees do not cheap. The other option is the dedicated server hosting. This gives you access to your own server but at an added cost. It also comes with better security features, disk space, and processing power. Check reviews of various web hosting providers to find which is the most affordable. Low fees do not necessarily equate to better services.

Almost all web hosting companies have a trial period with a refund policy. You are allowed to try some of the companies facilities for a specified time; after which you can decide to go on with the package or discontinue it and get a refund. Check with a provider that has the longest trial period; this lets you try out their features.

Customer care from web hosting companies

When it comes to customer care then you should sign up for only the best. No one wants to have their issues sorted out after a couple of days. Many service providers offer 24/7 customer care support; they do this through calls, emails and live chats. If you can find a company with an in-house customer care department then the better. Most of the web hosting companies now have a presence on various social media platforms.

Customer care should extend to back up facilities. There has been an increase in the number of cyber-attack crimes across the world. If you are running a website that is e-commerce enhanced then the more you are prone to attacks by hackers. Your service provider should provide you back up facilities that are automatic or manual. You should also be able to control this through your control panel. This comes in handy when your index.php or codes are deleted. Lack of back up facilities can cause you irreparable damage.

The best web hosting service providers have a reputation for excellence. You can research the reputation of a company in various online platforms and check what other customers are saying about the service. Avoid those that have many customer complaints and delay in solving customer complaints. The best web hosting service providers tend to have a considerable lead in market share and are usually industry leaders.

Identify your Hosting needs

Before you even start selecting a service provider you will need first to identify your web hosting needs. Ask yourself, how much space do I need? Will I need additional domain names and websites? What is the cost of upgrading to a better package? What platform will you be using? Word press is preferred, check whether your provider has plugins.

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest provider, but after some time you need to upgrade. The most suitable free web hosting companies should give the ability to add several domains and websites with one web hosting account. Check the price of unlimited websites and subdomains and compare the prices with industry leaders. This should give you a clue whether your package is overpriced.


E-commerce is very crucial for any company that wants to make a presence online. Check for one where you are able to have your websites primary email is hosted on the same host on your site. Your service provider should provide facilities like e-payments and online transactions. Customers are always searching for a responsive website; this one that enables them to interact with the company. When it comes to e-commerce, then do not compromise on security at whatever cost. Check for service providers with SSL certificates. Hackers are becoming innovative with time, and this necessitates that the company keeps updating its security features.


When it comes to wordpress, then you need to have plugins to enjoy additional features and functions. If you are going to use WordPress to design your website, then consider a web hosting company that is certified by WordPress. Some hosting companies may ban plugins when they interfere with their servers.

Web hosting companies should give you the option of user-friendly interface. This lets you edit and add features to your website without the need of programmers. The user interface should also enable you to back up data and secure your data. Complicated control panels can be annoying; check this when you accept the trial version.

Check also the speed of the web hosting service. Most of the companies claim to have an uptime of 99 percent. Do not settle for anything less than this. Speed is crucial, especially when you are running large e-commerce websites. A slow provider can cost you, customers. Plugins should not interfere with your speed. You can check speed by tracking previous surveys on the web hosting service provider.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right web hosting companies can be a challenge, but if you consider the above factors you will be able to avoid making mistakes. You will find a lot of promotional material online; with companies trying to outwit each other with offers. Be cautious; some of this offers are laden with hidden charges that will come to make the offer more expensive. Plan ahead and select a web hosting company that gives you room for growth.

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