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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Dedicated Web Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting

When looking for web hosting for your website, portal or blog, you might be confused on what option you should choose. In most cases, the cheaper alternative automatically attracted the person which in most cases is the shared web hosting option. However, this can be a terrible idea if you do not get to understand each of the options and check out precisely what kind of website you are going to be running. The different web hosting comes with different permissions, and some are more robust than the other options. In case you have a medium-sized business, it can be a bit challenging to choose which web hosting plan is best for the company website. It is essential to look at the current need as well as the future needs of this company. You can quickly get convinced without deep understanding by web hosting providers since they seem to label everything as “unlimited everything” and it gets harder to choose. The primary web hosting options that are available in the web hosting world is the dedicated web hosting and the shared web hosting. Here is an explanation of web server aspects and how they differ to help it easier for you to make the right choice.


It is how well the website is going to load and perform the different tasks. Visitors to any site will be attracted to a website that can load well and have a better performance, which is more possible with dedicated web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

The shared hosting plan has limited resources that are shared by all the websites that it is sharing the server space with. It is hard to predict the site’s performance due to this. There are situations where the sites on the shared server receive just average traffic, and hence the performance is okay on your website. In case any of these websites run an SEO campaign and gets a lot of traffic, then the server will utilize its resources to support this traffic and hence affecting the performance of your site. The web pages then take longer to load, which can be avoided when choosing dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this hosting plan, then the traffic of any other user does not affect your site at all. The server solely dedicates itself on your website and no matter the size of visitors; it will still perform well without any downtime. It is a better choice if you have a significant amount of traffic and you want to give them a good experience.

Bandwidth and Disk space

Bandwidth is referred to as the traffic in a month that services such as cloud hosting and dedicated web hosting servers use. The amount of data that is moved in and out of the network in a month for that server estimates the bandwidth of the client’s site.

Shared Web Hosting

Some web hosting providers state that their shared plan is unlimited on disk space and bandwidth, but there will always be a limit. It means that you can spend a particular space that is not specified by the hosting at one specific time. The web hosts get to decide and not the client in this shared plan. You can ask about the soft limit.

Dedicated Web Hosting

When the site has a dedicated server, then they get to choose these aspects. There are web hosts that offer an actual unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


This fact explains how much control the client has in the Cpanel or the host management.

Shared Web Hosting

This hosting plan gives insufficient control on the host management of the website. It is, however, the best choice for the clients who have very little knowledge on how to control from the Cpanel. However, this limits the client on the type of files that they can use and the scripting language that will be used by the website. However, if the applications used are not as advanced and the site lacks any complex features, then it is okay to take up this hosting option.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The client of this hosting plan has the full control of all the resources that come with the server. It is also a good plan for any client who wants more resources for a more extensive website. However, the drawback of this web hosting is the fact that the client must have some technical knowledge to be able to manage the account. It allows you to customize this environment depending on the exact needs of the site. It is very versatile on the scripting languages and the software allowed.


It is how secure your data is from unauthorized access. Some companies have very vital information which is not to be seen by the public who are not part of the organization.

Shared Web Hosting

The fact that the server is shared between many websites makes it less secure. Each of the websites runs its data separately, but in case there is an erroneous script running on the server, it causes the entire server to crash. It is breach of security

Dedicated Web Hosting

This hosting plan is more secure and reliable. It is because the server is dedicated to a single website. Most dedicated hosting will allow the running of all kinds of software and scripts without crushing. It is secure since the web host will monitor the server to ensure it is working well at all times.

The Cost

It is the amount of money that you need to pay for either of the web hosting plans.

Shared Web Hosting

This plan is very affordable, and this is the main reason why most professionals are attracted to it. The clients who are running personal websites and small businesses will go for this option. There are web-hosting companies that will offer meager prices for a shared plan but at the cost of reduced performance. However, web host also provides a reliable shared plan at a reasonable price without affecting performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This hosting plan has many advantages and resources, but this comes at a high cost. The client gets to pay very highly but still get the maintenance free for some minor technical issues. In case the server has significant problems, the client faces more expenses to get it maintained by the web host. This hosting plan is advisable for the corporate with large websites which can afford to pay for it.

Conclusion of Dedicated Web Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting

The best web hosting plan depends on the needs of the client. It will depend on how much resources are needed, the versatility and the budget of the client. The shared is affordable compared to the dedicated web hosting, but it comes with fewer resources, less control, a smaller size of disk space and bandwidth as well as the overall performance of the site. The dedicated hosting plan is costly and suitable for large websites for prominent organizations.

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