Free Web Hosting Services Are They Worth Buying

6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Free Web Hosting Services Are They Worth Buying

Free web hosting is a where one gets to enjoy web hosting services free of charge. In most cases, web hosts who offer free hosting as sub-domains to its users. The known free web hosts are the Blogger by Google and the WordPress.

Since it is a subdomain, the URL of the website will have an extension of the host domain. In case you want to get rid of this external site’s name from the URL, then you have to purchase a domain and get a paid web hosting plan.
However, is it a good idea for a business or a personal website to opt for the free web hosting? Here are some of the pros and cons of the free web hosting.

Pros of free web hosting

The main advantage of getting a free web hosting for your website is the fact that it comes free of charge. The person or the business that takes up this plan incurred no cost. So this means that if you are getting it for a company, then there are no losses incurred in case the page does not bring any money to the company.

This free hosting is also excellent if you are just getting conversant with web development and blogging. Getting a free hosting will allow you to view the blog live and start getting page views without having to pay for it. It is a good option for newbies and practice. Free hosting on blogger allows for the owner to develop an AdSense account. It will enable advertisements and banners to run on the website. Both Google and the owners then share this money. After meeting the threshold, you are also able to monetize your site although it is limited to Blogger and the percentage is tiny. The platform that is offered by the free web hosting is user-friendly for the new bloggers who do not have any web development or blogging skills. They provide a platform where you get to write a post and customize free templates from a click of a few buttons. The user does not get to understand the technicality involved in the web hosting servers.

Cons of using Free web hosting

The main advantage of the free hosting is the fact that it is free and you get to set some website live without looking at the monthly or annual cost. However, this plan comes with a lot of disadvantages. It has quite significant drawbacks especially when running a business website or a site that is likely to grow and become more active. The fact that the website address or the URL of a free hosted website comes with the domain name of the host makes it doubtful to the people. People have the notion that since the business is not ready to pay for a decent web hosting, then it is not severe. Unless it is for personal use, running a website as a sub-domain seems quite unprofessional for a business site.

This web hosting has no security at all. In case the web host decides to plug off the website for whatever reason then you may end up losing years of work. You do not own the site, but according to the terms and conditions, it belongs to the web host. It is almost impossible to expand the website since the web host offers very little web space for the site. In case you want to grow, the only option left is to upgrade the website. The problem of upgrading on their terms is that it is going to be a lot more expensive than the standard web hosting charges.

It is essential to rank highly in the search results for any website or business. However, the search engines give these sites very low priority when listing them. Even when you use the SEO tools, it is still not well ranked. The free hosting on most web hosts will not allow for paid advertisements and banners to be posted on the website. They will not allow for the user to monetize the website unless the money is going to the web host. These websites have to carry the hosting company’s advertising and tend to post the ads on the site without the control of the user.

There are very few features you can add to a free hosted website. Most of the features that add functionality on sites need a right amount of space to be successfully installed. It lacks features like software scripts, SMTP emails, the auto installers and many more familiar features. Installing these features will need you to upgrade the website which is an added expense. It is only good for static web pages and not the responsive and highly functional websites. Upgrading will cost the user a lot more than they could have in case they got a shared web hosting plan instead. The websites on this hosting plan tend to be slow and low on performance.It is because of the cap on the disk space and the bandwidth allocated on the website. It is hard to upload huge files, and in case the site has a massive number of visitors, then it will tend to be very slow or even crash the servers.

Conclusion on Free Web Hosting

It might not be worth going for the free hosting option unless you only need it for learning before getting another one. In case it is a business website or a personal blog that you intend to expand to something big, then it is better to look for other more versatile options. The free hosted websites also show a lack of professionalism for business sites. Getting a free website might end up costing you more than what most standard web hosts offer for their shared web hosting plan. It is because since this hosting method has very few resources and features, it might need you to upgrade it using the terms which will be more expensive. It is only useful when you need a low commitment to the project but not a permanent one.

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