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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Choosing A Web Hosting Company – 6 Things To Consider

6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner, a developer, or you just need that website, you probably know that having an interactive website with great engaging content is crucial. However, do you know how important it is to have a good web host? Most times, this factor will be ignored when it comes to web hosting services. You will be surprised by the difference a good web hosting company could make. Companies that offer web hosting services are so many and they are increasing each day. You may feel a bit overwhelmed when shopping for the best company. This article pinpoints some of the more crucial factors to consider before you make that important decision. We have outlined 6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company.

Learn about the various server types

There are a variety of server types based on the kind of hosting you need. Before going out to look for a web host, you must identify the kind of hosting you require. Is your website a personal blog? Are you anticipating traffic on your website?
If yours is a personal website, you could easily do with shared hosting. This is where websites share one server. While this option is cheap, it may not be the best if you are looking to generate traffic on your site. The performance of your website will depend on how much the other users are loading onto the server. With this option, you risk having a slow website which in turn turns away potential customers.
The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a better option for sites that are looking to grow. Although you will still have to share a server with other customers, VPS allows you more freedom and control over the server. This will require you to have basic knowledge of server management and maintenance.
For high-performance sites, the dedicated server should be your pick. With this, you have the server to yourself. The freedom to choose your security settings and whatever operating system you desire comes at a price. Dedicated hosting plans are the most expensive. You can, however, be sure that you will be getting your moneys worth with this option.


Bandwidth basically translates to the speed at which people can access information from your website. While starting out, you may not require a lot of bandwidths. However, with time, more traffic to your website will require an upgrade. You need to choose a web host that can accommodate this growth. Be sure that your web host will not require additional fees so as to revise your hosting plans.
Be wary of ‘unlimited storage and bandwidth’. Some web hosts use this as an incentive to lure in customers. Often, such web hosts will have a clause in their terms that allows them to shut your site down once you have used a certain amount of bandwidth.

We often just skim through or ignore the terms of service of any company. When you are deciding on your web host, read through the terms thoroughly. Before clicking on the ‘I accept’ button, ensure you have understood all that is in there. The terms of service usually contain the refund policy which is important to know.

Explore the customer support options

Having your website up and running can be, for the most part, confusing, especially during the first few months. A good web host company will have their customer support at top notch. Although most companies will claim to have 24/7 customer care support, some use this just as a marketing strategy. Before settling down for a particular company, test their customer support. Call them up with a question regarding your website. Try and make it look like you know nothing at all. Constantly ask them questions, even if they seem obvious. Ensure you test every feature the company’s support claims to have before fully committing.
Don’t let cost be your only consideration
Newbies in the web hosting business will naturally want to go for the cheapest option available. As much as you may be on a tight budget, you will need a web host that you can rely on. Cheap web hosting plans such as the shared hosting may not always be the best. Get to know what other resources a web host is offering. Getting a company that meets your specific need will go a long way into ensuring you get the most out of your website.


Your websites’ security is very important. It is very easy for hackers to get access to your website and all the information entered there. If you are running a business, your customers need to be sure that their privacy is respected. A good web host will have added features that enhance your site’s security such as strong firewalls and intrusion protection. The company should also have backup features that will make it easy to restore your site in case it is hacked into.

Extra Tip:

Look for a web host with a good reputation. When all is said and done and your potential web host company has checked off all the necessary requirements, you need to be sure that they are what they say. It may not be a necessity but it would be great to go for a company that is reputable and well-known. Ask for testimonials from the company from current customers. You can also do a background check, just to be sure. The technical know-how of how web hosting works puts off so many people who are looking to have their website developed. Although I am not saying you need to delve into the details, it may be great to have some knowledge. Choosing the wrong web hosting company can leave you frustrated or even cause you to lose your money. What’s worse is trusting a certain company only to have your website hacked. Make sure your potential web host company gives you the opportunity to grow your website and is in sync with the current trends.

We hope that you found our article 6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company informative. If you would like any help our guidance in buying web hosting services, please feel free to get in touch via the website.
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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Dedicated Web Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting

When looking for web hosting for your website, portal or blog, you might be confused on what option you should choose. In most cases, the cheaper alternative automatically attracted the person which in most cases is the shared web hosting option. However, this can be a terrible idea if you do not get to understand each of the options and check out precisely what kind of website you are going to be running. The different web hosting comes with different permissions, and some are more robust than the other options. In case you have a medium-sized business, it can be a bit challenging to choose which web hosting plan is best for the company website. It is essential to look at the current need as well as the future needs of this company. You can quickly get convinced without deep understanding by web hosting providers since they seem to label everything as “unlimited everything” and it gets harder to choose. The primary web hosting options that are available in the web hosting world is the dedicated web hosting and the shared web hosting. Here is an explanation of web server aspects and how they differ to help it easier for you to make the right choice.


It is how well the website is going to load and perform the different tasks. Visitors to any site will be attracted to a website that can load well and have a better performance, which is more possible with dedicated web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

The shared hosting plan has limited resources that are shared by all the websites that it is sharing the server space with. It is hard to predict the site’s performance due to this. There are situations where the sites on the shared server receive just average traffic, and hence the performance is okay on your website. In case any of these websites run an SEO campaign and gets a lot of traffic, then the server will utilize its resources to support this traffic and hence affecting the performance of your site. The web pages then take longer to load, which can be avoided when choosing dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this hosting plan, then the traffic of any other user does not affect your site at all. The server solely dedicates itself on your website and no matter the size of visitors; it will still perform well without any downtime. It is a better choice if you have a significant amount of traffic and you want to give them a good experience.

Bandwidth and Disk space

Bandwidth is referred to as the traffic in a month that services such as cloud hosting and dedicated web hosting servers use. The amount of data that is moved in and out of the network in a month for that server estimates the bandwidth of the client’s site.

Shared Web Hosting

Some web hosting providers state that their shared plan is unlimited on disk space and bandwidth, but there will always be a limit. It means that you can spend a particular space that is not specified by the hosting at one specific time. The web hosts get to decide and not the client in this shared plan. You can ask about the soft limit.

Dedicated Web Hosting

When the site has a dedicated server, then they get to choose these aspects. There are web hosts that offer an actual unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


This fact explains how much control the client has in the Cpanel or the host management.

Shared Web Hosting

This hosting plan gives insufficient control on the host management of the website. It is, however, the best choice for the clients who have very little knowledge on how to control from the Cpanel. However, this limits the client on the type of files that they can use and the scripting language that will be used by the website. However, if the applications used are not as advanced and the site lacks any complex features, then it is okay to take up this hosting option.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The client of this hosting plan has the full control of all the resources that come with the server. It is also a good plan for any client who wants more resources for a more extensive website. However, the drawback of this web hosting is the fact that the client must have some technical knowledge to be able to manage the account. It allows you to customize this environment depending on the exact needs of the site. It is very versatile on the scripting languages and the software allowed.


It is how secure your data is from unauthorized access. Some companies have very vital information which is not to be seen by the public who are not part of the organization.

Shared Web Hosting

The fact that the server is shared between many websites makes it less secure. Each of the websites runs its data separately, but in case there is an erroneous script running on the server, it causes the entire server to crash. It is breach of security

Dedicated Web Hosting

This hosting plan is more secure and reliable. It is because the server is dedicated to a single website. Most dedicated hosting will allow the running of all kinds of software and scripts without crushing. It is secure since the web host will monitor the server to ensure it is working well at all times.

The Cost

It is the amount of money that you need to pay for either of the web hosting plans.

Shared Web Hosting

This plan is very affordable, and this is the main reason why most professionals are attracted to it. The clients who are running personal websites and small businesses will go for this option. There are web-hosting companies that will offer meager prices for a shared plan but at the cost of reduced performance. However, web host also provides a reliable shared plan at a reasonable price without affecting performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This hosting plan has many advantages and resources, but this comes at a high cost. The client gets to pay very highly but still get the maintenance free for some minor technical issues. In case the server has significant problems, the client faces more expenses to get it maintained by the web host. This hosting plan is advisable for the corporate with large websites which can afford to pay for it.

Conclusion of Dedicated Web Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting

The best web hosting plan depends on the needs of the client. It will depend on how much resources are needed, the versatility and the budget of the client. The shared is affordable compared to the dedicated web hosting, but it comes with fewer resources, less control, a smaller size of disk space and bandwidth as well as the overall performance of the site. The dedicated hosting plan is costly and suitable for large websites for prominent organizations.

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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Free Web Hosting Services Are They Worth Buying

Free web hosting is a where one gets to enjoy web hosting services free of charge. In most cases, web hosts who offer free hosting as sub-domains to its users. The known free web hosts are the Blogger by Google and the WordPress.

Since it is a subdomain, the URL of the website will have an extension of the host domain. In case you want to get rid of this external site’s name from the URL, then you have to purchase a domain and get a paid web hosting plan.
However, is it a good idea for a business or a personal website to opt for the free web hosting? Here are some of the pros and cons of the free web hosting.

Pros of free web hosting

The main advantage of getting a free web hosting for your website is the fact that it comes free of charge. The person or the business that takes up this plan incurred no cost. So this means that if you are getting it for a company, then there are no losses incurred in case the page does not bring any money to the company.

This free hosting is also excellent if you are just getting conversant with web development and blogging. Getting a free hosting will allow you to view the blog live and start getting page views without having to pay for it. It is a good option for newbies and practice. Free hosting on blogger allows for the owner to develop an AdSense account. It will enable advertisements and banners to run on the website. Both Google and the owners then share this money. After meeting the threshold, you are also able to monetize your site although it is limited to Blogger and the percentage is tiny. The platform that is offered by the free web hosting is user-friendly for the new bloggers who do not have any web development or blogging skills. They provide a platform where you get to write a post and customize free templates from a click of a few buttons. The user does not get to understand the technicality involved in the web hosting servers.

Cons of using Free web hosting

The main advantage of the free hosting is the fact that it is free and you get to set some website live without looking at the monthly or annual cost. However, this plan comes with a lot of disadvantages. It has quite significant drawbacks especially when running a business website or a site that is likely to grow and become more active. The fact that the website address or the URL of a free hosted website comes with the domain name of the host makes it doubtful to the people. People have the notion that since the business is not ready to pay for a decent web hosting, then it is not severe. Unless it is for personal use, running a website as a sub-domain seems quite unprofessional for a business site.

This web hosting has no security at all. In case the web host decides to plug off the website for whatever reason then you may end up losing years of work. You do not own the site, but according to the terms and conditions, it belongs to the web host. It is almost impossible to expand the website since the web host offers very little web space for the site. In case you want to grow, the only option left is to upgrade the website. The problem of upgrading on their terms is that it is going to be a lot more expensive than the standard web hosting charges.

It is essential to rank highly in the search results for any website or business. However, the search engines give these sites very low priority when listing them. Even when you use the SEO tools, it is still not well ranked. The free hosting on most web hosts will not allow for paid advertisements and banners to be posted on the website. They will not allow for the user to monetize the website unless the money is going to the web host. These websites have to carry the hosting company’s advertising and tend to post the ads on the site without the control of the user.

There are very few features you can add to a free hosted website. Most of the features that add functionality on sites need a right amount of space to be successfully installed. It lacks features like software scripts, SMTP emails, the auto installers and many more familiar features. Installing these features will need you to upgrade the website which is an added expense. It is only good for static web pages and not the responsive and highly functional websites. Upgrading will cost the user a lot more than they could have in case they got a shared web hosting plan instead. The websites on this hosting plan tend to be slow and low on performance.It is because of the cap on the disk space and the bandwidth allocated on the website. It is hard to upload huge files, and in case the site has a massive number of visitors, then it will tend to be very slow or even crash the servers.

Conclusion on Free Web Hosting

It might not be worth going for the free hosting option unless you only need it for learning before getting another one. In case it is a business website or a personal blog that you intend to expand to something big, then it is better to look for other more versatile options. The free hosted websites also show a lack of professionalism for business sites. Getting a free website might end up costing you more than what most standard web hosts offer for their shared web hosting plan. It is because since this hosting method has very few resources and features, it might need you to upgrade it using the terms which will be more expensive. It is only useful when you need a low commitment to the project but not a permanent one.

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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Things To Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting Company

The decision on choosing web hosting service providers can be tough, with many web hosting companies offering the same thing. The offers are amazing but how do you distinguish the genuine ones from the fakes.

Web hosting service providers lease you space in their servers, thus enabling you to run your websites from there. This article will guide you in making an informed decision when you are searching for a web hosting service company.

Technical Support

You should select a provider who is there for you when you have issues. Your provider should have a toll free, 24/7 call line that you can reach in case of problems. The customer care team should also promptly respond to any queries through email. If you get a provider that offers live chat then the better.

Cost and Signing up fees

While there are web-hosting services offering knock-off prices it is not preferred to go with the cheapest. You should compare the prices offered against features. The decision between cost and features is a delicate one. A web hosting company that has a head start regarding specifications may also be a bit pricey. Costs are usually divided into how much you pay when you are setting up and the renewal fees that you need to pay monthly or annually. Check whether your provider has any special offers.

Most companies have very attractive offers when it comes to shared web hosting when you are signing up but the fees increase dramatically when it comes to renewing your plan.

Customer reviews of Web Hosting service providers

You can go to various online forums and check what other people have to say about a particular web hosting company. Are the reviews positive? Where there any issues that were forwarded to the company? How was their response time?

The good thing about online reviews and comments from social media is that they give you at a glance what the web hosting company is all about.

Nature of the Website

Before you even start looking for the most affordable web hosting company, ask yourself what kind of website you are looking for? Do you need WordPress plugins? Will there be a lot of videos and photos? These questions are essential in determining hosting performance, network latency, and technical support.

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting

When you chose shared web hosting you will allocate space with other websites. This is cheaper but it comes at the price of reduced performance. The shared servers may be loaded which affects the speed. With a dedicated server hosting, you have your own server space. This has the added benefit of increased security and performance. The downside is that you pay extra for this web service.

Domain services

When you are looking for a web hosting service providers, then you will have to find out whether they have addon domains. This lets you create several domains and websites while being hosted by one service provider. This gives you a lot of flexibility in managing the websites. You will have to compare web hosting prices and go with the provider that lets you host many domains at affordable rates. Addon domains have SEO benefits and are overall cost-effective. Check whether the company offers unlimited websites and domain names


This is one of the top factors to consider when looking for a web hosting company. No one wants to have a slow loading website. You can search online for reviews on speed from people who have used the service.

User friendliness

Web hosting companies should provide you with an easy to use the control panel to manage your websites. You should be able to edit and upload your website within the shortest time possible. The control panel should not be complicated, but it should enable even those with no programming language to operate it. You should look for a provider that has a trial control panel that you can test before making your final decision.

Terms of Reference

Read the terms of reference before you select a service provider. There are web hosting service providers that charge extra anytime you run excessive amounts of CPU to run computations on their servers. This can include scripts that run for more than 2 seconds. You should know before committing which actions can lead to your account being terminated or your website being pulled down.

Refund Policy

Most of the web hosting companies have a trial period in which you can try their hosting services and then make a decision whether to settle with them or not. The trial period comes with a refund policy in which you can be refunded some or all of your money. You should ensure you cancel your account before the expiry of the trial period so that you do not get charged for the whole time. You should inquire how long the trial period is? How much you refund you get for cancellation? Whether there is a discount for an upgrade of an account after the trial period?


In the current age, we are living in having an e-commerce website is a must. Check which provider enables you to run online payment options or run online trading platforms. Security is a priority when it comes to e-commerce; check SSL certificates that give you maximum security. The web hosting service should put measures to protect your site from hackers.

Back up facilities

There cases when servers or your website crashes. If you do not have backup services, then there is a chance that you will lose all your data. Hackers are on the prowl and are usually responsible for crashes. There are also instances when you accidentally change your codes or alter the index.php file. The best hosting service providers will provide you with back up services. The most efficient back up automatically. Back up facilities should also be situated somewhere different where you can still access them in case of fire to the servers.


Selecting the right web hosting company can be a challenge. But, if you follow the factors listed above you will be able to make the right decision. There is a lot marketing from hosting services and you will need to scrutinize and compare different offers before making a decision.

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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Web hosting companies – Five things to consider when choosing

When selecting web hosting companies for your website and email can be a challenge for many service providers each trying to market their products. The problems client face from making wrong decisions are many and include; paying unknown renewal fees, lack of back up facilities, poor customer care, slow hosting services and security issues.

It is very critical that you select the right service provider and avoid losing your data to hackers. That is why we have taken the liberty to inform you on some factors to consider before you sign up with a web hosting company.

Signing Up and Renewal Fees

When you are looking for a web hosting company, you will be faced with very attractive signing up fees. This will change when you come to renewal of your package; you may find that they have doubled or tripled. It is however not possible to keep jumping from one service provider to the next. When it comes to packages then shared web hosting tends to be the cheapest. But, this comes at the cost of reduced performance and the renewal fees do not cheap. The other option is the dedicated server hosting. This gives you access to your own server but at an added cost. It also comes with better security features, disk space, and processing power. Check reviews of various web hosting providers to find which is the most affordable. Low fees do not necessarily equate to better services.

Almost all web hosting companies have a trial period with a refund policy. You are allowed to try some of the companies facilities for a specified time; after which you can decide to go on with the package or discontinue it and get a refund. Check with a provider that has the longest trial period; this lets you try out their features.

Customer care from web hosting companies

When it comes to customer care then you should sign up for only the best. No one wants to have their issues sorted out after a couple of days. Many service providers offer 24/7 customer care support; they do this through calls, emails and live chats. If you can find a company with an in-house customer care department then the better. Most of the web hosting companies now have a presence on various social media platforms.

Customer care should extend to back up facilities. There has been an increase in the number of cyber-attack crimes across the world. If you are running a website that is e-commerce enhanced then the more you are prone to attacks by hackers. Your service provider should provide you back up facilities that are automatic or manual. You should also be able to control this through your control panel. This comes in handy when your index.php or codes are deleted. Lack of back up facilities can cause you irreparable damage.

The best web hosting service providers have a reputation for excellence. You can research the reputation of a company in various online platforms and check what other customers are saying about the service. Avoid those that have many customer complaints and delay in solving customer complaints. The best web hosting service providers tend to have a considerable lead in market share and are usually industry leaders.

Identify your Hosting needs

Before you even start selecting a service provider you will need first to identify your web hosting needs. Ask yourself, how much space do I need? Will I need additional domain names and websites? What is the cost of upgrading to a better package? What platform will you be using? Word press is preferred, check whether your provider has plugins.

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest provider, but after some time you need to upgrade. The most suitable free web hosting companies should give the ability to add several domains and websites with one web hosting account. Check the price of unlimited websites and subdomains and compare the prices with industry leaders. This should give you a clue whether your package is overpriced.


E-commerce is very crucial for any company that wants to make a presence online. Check for one where you are able to have your websites primary email is hosted on the same host on your site. Your service provider should provide facilities like e-payments and online transactions. Customers are always searching for a responsive website; this one that enables them to interact with the company. When it comes to e-commerce, then do not compromise on security at whatever cost. Check for service providers with SSL certificates. Hackers are becoming innovative with time, and this necessitates that the company keeps updating its security features.


When it comes to wordpress, then you need to have plugins to enjoy additional features and functions. If you are going to use WordPress to design your website, then consider a web hosting company that is certified by WordPress. Some hosting companies may ban plugins when they interfere with their servers.

Web hosting companies should give you the option of user-friendly interface. This lets you edit and add features to your website without the need of programmers. The user interface should also enable you to back up data and secure your data. Complicated control panels can be annoying; check this when you accept the trial version.

Check also the speed of the web hosting service. Most of the companies claim to have an uptime of 99 percent. Do not settle for anything less than this. Speed is crucial, especially when you are running large e-commerce websites. A slow provider can cost you, customers. Plugins should not interfere with your speed. You can check speed by tracking previous surveys on the web hosting service provider.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right web hosting companies can be a challenge, but if you consider the above factors you will be able to avoid making mistakes. You will find a lot of promotional material online; with companies trying to outwit each other with offers. Be cautious; some of this offers are laden with hidden charges that will come to make the offer more expensive. Plan ahead and select a web hosting company that gives you room for growth.

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6 factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Buying Web Hosting – Things To Consider

Buying web hosting services, needs careful consideration, due to the many factors that determine the type of web hosting service you receive. Shared web hosting is an ideal service for most people, whether you are just launching a new website or are switching from one shared hosting provider to another. If you expect your monthly website traffic to be under around under 20,000, shared webhosting could be your best option.

When it comes to buying web hosting, you need to be checking on the reliability of a shared hosting company. Many of these web hosting companies will promote “unlimited offers” such as unlimited bandwidth, but in reality, should your website exceed a large number of monthly visitors, you may find the speed of your website drops. Also when reviewing the web hosting company, it is important to check on any customer feedback they have displayed. In particular check on any positive comments about their support and customer service.

Tips on buying web hosting

Comparing web hosting companies so as to be able to choose the best deal for you is important. By doing a quick search for web hosting companies at will display some of the best web hosting companies available.

A Web Hosts Data Centers

Important points to check are things such as the location of the web hosting companies’ data center’s. Generally speaking, if the data center’s are based in the United Kingdom or Europe, data will be transferred a lot faster.

Where is the Web Hosts Support Team?

Where does the web host have their support team based? Are they in the UK, Europe and what time zone are they working too? Some web hosting companies may offer 24 hour coverage, but others may only operate normal business hours. What happens if you have an issue with your website at night or the early hours? Will you be able to reach the support team of the web hosting company?

The speed of a website

The speed of your website is paramount, nobody likes visiting a website that takes forever to load. Within a few seconds, a prospective visitor may “click off” your website to view a competitor’s, all due to the time it takes for your website to display. As a rule of thumb you should be aiming for a web server to have a response time in the region of 200ms. For those of you that are familiar with search engine optimization and the various ranking factors of websites, page response time can be a contributing factor. Therefore it is essential to choose a webhost that provide fast speeds at all time.

Backing Up Website Data

It is vital that your data is backed up regularly. You should always be thinking about “What if something happened to my website?” How would this impact you and what steps would you need to take to remedy it? Things can go wrong from time to time, but if you have backed up your website (daily…..maybe more frequently for larger sites) it would just be a minor inconvenience, should something go wrong and you have to restore from a backup. As we say, unfortunately things can go wrong with websites, whether this is through malicious actions or accidental deletion of data. This is an important part of buying web hosting and you need to be 100% sure that your web hosting company is offering you a regular backup of your website.

Email Hosting & Mailboxes

When it comes to email hosting, it is worth checking on how many mailboxes you are permitted. Many shared hosting companies will offer “unlimited” mailboxes, where others will place a “cap” or limit. This is usually dependent on which package you take with the web hosting company. Make a note of how many email addresses you will be requiring. Will it just be a single email address for yourself, or will there be a team of you? Will you need “generic” email addresses, along the lines of info@ or sales@ etc.?

Website Scripts & Software Updates

Depending on the software you are using to develop your website, check on whether your web hosting provider is offering support for the main scripts that you may be using. Things such as MySQL, Perl, PHP, .htaccess would be items you should be checking for. Try and also ascertain how frequently the updates are installed and made available to their clients? Many of these scripts will need you to be using the latest version.

Compare Web Hosting Prices

When buying web hosting, the price is of course critical when trying to compare web hosting packages. Whilst there is plenty of choice, as you can see from our guide on web hosting companies, the price point could be a determining factor. You really want to avoid the cheapest of the cheap wherever possible, as potentially this could mean hidden charges being presented as you sign up. Also be mindful that a web hosting company may try and ask you to sign up for a longer period, in return for offering you a very low package. Potentially once you are in “contract” it may be for a longer period and the web hosting company is able to hike its prices after an initial reduced period.

We wish you well with your search for buying web hosting and may we suggest you take a look at our web hosting comparison page, to learn more about the companies available.

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